Opposing Opposites

Birds chirping, hearing hospital screams.
Tough talking, yet practicing mindfulness.
Fish swimming, and splattered guts on the road.

Smelling decay, offset by strolling pine forests.
Accepting love, squashed with demanding power.
Rape, tormented by trusted passion.

Lost in a story, or tragically losing your way.
A powerful pinch, cuts to a soothing caress.
Eyes open, and eyes yearning to shut.

Depression, momentarily defeated by vitality.
A simultaneous world of opposites,
easily seen and hard to accept.



- artwork by Rene Magritte
- mailed to Oklahoma - 

What Is Wrong

What is wrong with people
Why do some trample upon others
Why do some throw a blanket of hate upon an entire people
     with different skin color
          with different religion
               with different culture
What is wrong with people

What is wrong with people
Why do some vomit their beliefs upon others
     instead of extending an invitation to talk
Why do some people act like their story is the only way
What is wrong with people

What is wrong with me
Why do I think listening can encourage empathy
Why do I think all people are equal irrespective of skin color
What is wrong with me
     bruised and aching and raging from injustice

What Is Wrong



- mailed to Texas - 
- artwork by Paul Nicklen


Blunt life.
Shiny dreams.
Severed morals.
Syncopated love.

a life is love
going right and wrong
scene by scene
without hesitation

Bold moves.
Acidic talks.
Arresting thoughts.
A birth.

staying alive
bound by hostile surroundings
feeding and eating
with immense amounts of sleep

Beholding beauty.
Something seemingly coming from nothing.
Sorrowful hurdles cleared.
Scintillating life.



- mailed to New Mexico - 
- Artwork by Andy Goldsworthy


          (without urgent strides)
With someone
          (who's arriving to their final end stop)
To their grave
          (a position with no consequences, only memories)
Requires restraint
          (forcefully present as a newborn's eyes on mother)
For both
          (the one who continues living and the one who stops)

Walking with someone to their grave
          requires restraint for both



- Artwork by Andy Warhol

First Again

First view
falls short of the first thought

First thought
encourages first talk

First talk
excites first visit

First visit
starts first journey

First journey
produces first realization

First realization
makes first insight

First insight
arches toward first healing

First healing
allows first work

First work
enables first money

First money
gives first home

First home
marks a Second beginning



artwork by Gerhard Richter

Nourish The Workers

Sleep awakens
those internal workers
to begin the act
of re-balancing the days journey

whether complex as a flake of... 
or mundane as tying shoes   
Sleep offers a deliberate reset
slowing the heart, breath and brain
to a primordial position

Or not

The workers sometimes do not arrive
Hence sleep becomes a terror
a movie presenting abstraction as a storyline
a subconscious tour de tete
offering not an ounce of tranquility
but an abundance of blustering thoughts

Nourish the workers by placing
the days journey at the tip
of the tongue
So they can push it out effortlessly



- artwork by Anni Albers -


Francis Bacon

Hurt shutters across
the body as pain shoots
through nerves
arriving at the brain
uninvited, exactly ill-timed.

If there was an ideal time for pain --
during sleep or
while petting a dog --
it would be grand.
There is not. 

Pain comes with severity,
occasionally gradual
almost certainly
with annoyance.

Wade through
the pain.
Laugh at it.
Slightly disrespect it.
Leave it unsatisfied.



artwork: Francis Bacon (detail) Study After Velasquez's Portrait Of Pope Innocent X

A Bow

A bow will not be untied
until its limbs are pulled,
causing its center to pucker and disappear.

Flattened, bare and vulnerable to other knots,
the trauma and indignities produced
is enough for the bow to run from the pulling --
to not recognize, adjust or believe its bow problems.

The bow may be flattened,
but it will be free to be, better yet,
become something new.



- artwork by Joel Meyerowitz

Paisley Passing

There is a sense of comfort
knowing someone is alive.
After you listen or read or see
what they have made,
knowing the creator still lives,
still has influence on earth,
it is a comfort.

Then they die.
Although you may not have listened or
     read or seen what they have made recently,
now that they are gone, you drown in loss.
Sometimes, we forget about people.
Then when they die, we remember
how much we were influenced,
how much we were moved.



- mailed to Utah - 
- artwork by Mary Weatherford -