Birth or Bury

What if the opposite of life was more life?
     base feelings bring heartache like racism
       might race simply be shared culture
         swaying toward segregation

Does that ring true to you?
     meeting and seeing other cultures
       breaks suppositions, discriminations
         cultures differ, blood and bones do not

Do you need a pet to live and be happy?
     feeling superior over others is never necessary
       tell your bias a new story
         others can thrive simultaneously as you thrive

Is equality a problem for planet earth?
     nope, babies come often and everywhere
       earth does not divvy out life
         earth does not dole out life with prejudice

What if the opposite of death was harmony?
     peace among races places and beliefs
       it rings true looking through the sieve of life
         future doers those babies born today




- artwork by Pablo Picasso....
- mailed to Kansas -