Bruises are breaking a child
into unequal portions
for future distribution

Not the toppled bicycle kind of bruise
nor the mean friend sort.
The dead pet bruise along with the
failure to excel type - all exempt.
If clothed, fed and able to recite an address,
sorry, relevance to you is minimal too.

These are bruises from extreme ambivalence
accentuated with designed cruelty.
Bruises produced by abstract religio-political belief:
war, causing an upheaval from the home.
Emotional bruises when humans near or far battle.
Insanely, they are bruises made from others' wounds.

Rage and ache for those bruised.
Understand, as different parts of the bruised
arrive in society, they may not add-up as expected.


- mailed to Michigan this week - 
- Artwork by Rachel Whiteread