Donald Trump

If you give a mouse a cookie...
If you give the Donald a stage
He will profess and confess anything
to be selected, to be elected.
We know there will be deception
that big stage requires it, without exception.
When you win with half the votes,
hope you desire gaining the hopes of the losing half too. 

When you give a mouse a cookie...
When you make the Donald leader
Might the hate spewed from his mouth
be overwhelmed, even overturned
by the truth the beauty the emotional weight
most people on this earth possess and mandate. 
Might short term gain not be the desire
but long term perspective be required.

If you give a mouse a cookie...
let us all write this story.
Unflinching, Unblinking,
Fiercely standing-up for our neighbors.
The story we write with our hearts
turns-out is the story that keeps us together, not apart.
So if you might trust a mouse with a child
might you trust the Donald to care for your child...



- inspiration from children's book:
"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"  by Laura Numeroff

- mailed to Massachusetts this week - 
- artwork by Cecily Brown - Untitled (Vanity) - 2005