Fight For The Right To Fight For What's Right

I do nothing
I don't like or dislike them
I do nothing

Used to feed humans, Used to protect people, Built for killing life
Commonly admired by those who possess
Often diminished by those who do not
For sport, serious play, intimidation
the list can go on and on and on

and now is a time to evaluate
the passion for possession
the moral movement against
strength of political persuasion
real reasons money is invested

The will of a majority does not work for some laws
Powerful politicians recommend laws
Informed strong minds hopefully decide laws
Greed sometimes gets in the way of law

and greed
    desiring money
    distorts actions
    acting like strength equals power
    fantastically selfish
is not law

I do nothing
Plenty do, entertainment is riddled with them
But I do nothing with a gun



- artwork by Zarina Hashmi...
- title taken from song "Mos Definitely" by Logic
- mailed to Maine -