Heart Of Earth

Sabastiao Salgado

Sabastiao Salgado

Heart Of Earth
The heart of the earth connects with nothing.
It is a bare unrefined truth.

Human hearts are acrobatic concerning connections.
     If there is interest, the human heart approaches.
     If there is desire, the human heart pursues.
     If hurt, the human heart seeks comfort.
     If lonely, the human heart finds activity.

The heart of the earth is bold, brutal. 
It can tread heavily upon humans --
Crushing human hearts easily and effortlessly.

When the human heart respects,
it systematically depletes any angst against it.
A truly invisible miracle enabling connection.

The heart of the earth appears to respect respect.
In small doses, it can channel beauty toward respect.

But, the heart of the earth may simply be ambivalent.
Therefore --
When the human heart connects
When the human heart respects
This is when a beauty is revealed.


- this poem mailed to Wyoming -