In the voice of William S. Burroughs

Addressing a dress can cause a pause
       at any given address.
Understand that when a dress is addressed
       caution and delicacy and intent
             are paramount.
When desire to undress a dress
       is disguised as a compliment
             beware, be aware, the best that may come
                    is subtle or coquettish aggression -- 
though wrath of all sorts
       will more likely need to be addressed
             from a dress.

So all must learn to dance with a dress,
       meaning both lead and follow
Listen and groove, 
       a light step and smile helps too. 
Giving a hint, might get a wink
       while simply respecting soars you
             to heavenly heights --
                    perhaps to an address unknown.
Yes, addressing a dress, with honor, 
       may eventually change your address
             to a place you can call home.



- mailed to Maryland this week - 
artwork by Man Ray