Magnificently Futile

A curtain flutters from an open window. A story begins,
romantic and devastating in one genuflection.
A person mourns their loss of potential.
They were involved in making art.
Their long flow of success, stopped.

Upon opening that window last evening,
   the bomb exploded right there.
     Startled, then stumbling on a stool causing a
       smashed ear on the edge of a laptop screen;        
         Feeling the heat of blood rushing into the skull;
           Limbs responding slower as thoughts become static-y.
Trapped all night in a cycle of:
   jarring explosions - 
     fueling the skull with blood -
       causing less limb movement - mind fleeing.
         explosion - blood - less movement
           explosion - blood - less movement
   Feeling the mind evaporating
     as blood hemorrhages into the skull.

Unable to move now,
the curtain flutters in the morning.
A body alive, but finished.
A groan, an ache at the magnificent futility --
A terror is not intended to steal art from people.
But it happens.


- this one sent to Kentucky - 
video here...
Artwork by Adam Katz