Mom your stride is too long. 
I cannot keep up. 
Dad slows his step,
paying attention to me,
but then speeds on until
he pays attention again. 

We hold hands when approaching colored lights. 
I try to count how many steps equal one of his. 
Usually more than 3, sometimes 2. 
It’s hard to figure. 

I can do 2 for 1 Mom stride, when we first leave.
Then it gets crazy. I half run, walk, skip twice to 
keep up. I keep trying to count.
We step down a curb where Mom will
toe walk even faster. Yup, her heals won’t even 
touch the ground until we step up the curb again. 
Once I tried giant strides when Mom was toe walking. 
It kinda worked but my shoulder got sore. 

I grew. My stride grew too. 
Now Mom and Dad walk with wheelchairs.
They never ask to slow when I push them. 
I wonder if they ever count.



- mailed to Oklahoma -