A hazy mind
conspires with
a hazy atmosphere.

The soft blur in the air equips the mind with food.

If the hazy mind
is not yet ready
to feast,

the mind looks to retreat to a favorite distant spot --

dropping responsibilities,
as airplanes drop
with heavy severity.

The haze
makes distance

allowing figures to appear as they disappear,

distant shapes to meander
into focus.

The hazy mind wants to know who is friend or foe,

but the haze
blurs the line
just enough to infuriate.

Haze surprises
by descending
from above.

Distant problems are less sharp, rounder.

Haze leaves and
focus returns.
Something changed.

Things have crisped to the point of a breadstick snap.

Haze feels good,
especially when it leaves,
knowing the distance will return.



- mailed to Arizona - 
- artwork by Milton Avery