woo-ha woo-ha

Alexa Guariglia - Bee

Alexa Guariglia - Bee

Keep running into your life now
You'll fall into every good turn
When you see a light be sure to blink
so the dark will come along with you.
woo-ha woo-ha might la vida shine on you

Run into the work you do now
Go bold into a new known process
Use your heart and create a seam
and trust the stitch will come your way.
woo-ha woo-ha let la vida provide to you

Fly into good things of life now
They float away from your you
The best things keep getting replaced
so be sure to pay attention to all the cues.
woo-ha woo-ha create la vida that serves you


-- mailed to Kansas --
video read here...

inspired by this song, Water Fountain